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Re: D7200: More Megapixels, more DR, or improved high ISO IQ?

jonikon wrote:

OK, the D7100 and it's 24MP sensor is a done deal, and there is no improvement in dynamic range or high ISO image quality, which I found disappointing after all the pre-release hype. There are  just more megapixels to make birders and pixel peepers happy, but what about the rest of us?

Grainy noise and dynamic range are image characteristics that are readily seen at most viewing sizes, but more megapixels are not, and in fact you need to zoom in using a  monitor to see the detail  difference between 16 and 24MP, (assuming a quality lens sharp enough to resolve the differences).

What this means is for those that just want to focus on image quality, the D7000 and 5100 represent an absolute bargain.

Quite simply, the D7100 offers no advantage in image quality (and possibly a reduction with the shadow banding) but a modest increase in resolution.

Image quality doesn't appear to be a valid reason to upgrade from the prior model, but the 7100 does have quite a few other features that could make upgrading worth while for some people, you basically get a D300 in a D7000 body.

For landscape photographers on a budget the 7100 could represent a bit of a bargain (compared to full frame cameras) with the loss of the AA filter and high resolution, low ISO landscapes could become a bit of a niche for this camera. For this purpose it could be argued that image quality has been improved quite a bit.

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