Has the X20 met or failed your expectations?

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Re: Has the X20 met or failed your expectations?

Maybe I'm just lucky or my expectations weren't high enough but I haven't really had too many issues at all. Okay so a few posters think colours are a bit washed out and some instances I'd agree but mainly in super bright conditions.

The panorama function is clunky to me with the camera throwing up errors. If you can manage to get one captured, its not perfect but certainly not the worst I've seen.

Indoor shooting seems to be okay so far and certainly no complaints. Im comparing to Panasonic LX series and Oly XZ-1 which have smaller sensors but it outperformed them both - as it should have.

Macro is great and so far has exceeded my expectations.

Build quality is great and no complaints here but a higher resolution LCD would be good.

Video was also nice but a card issue (write speed) prevented me from recording more than 5 or so seconds.

All in all I was pleased and the X20 exceeded what I expected. Like any camera, it has its ups and downs but which camera has ever been completely perfect across the board? Each user shoots differently and will no doubt find something not suited to their needs.

I wouldn't take the sample shots to be gospel for the camera as I haven't anything come out that poorly. As I said, maybe I'm lucky.

I've posted some sample shots from mine in the X series thread for those wanting to see some samples.

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