Tilt/Shift for MFT!

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Sergey Borachev Veteran Member • Posts: 3,772
Re: There's no "pretty wide" TS lens for µ4/3


I think your list of links is a great resource and I am sure the links are very useful for someone doing more artistic work.

I am sorry I did not read properly the earlier posts and my comments and recommendation were not good.  I just glanced through those posts and I was assuming the OP needed to take still photos and make good commercial quality prints or large posters etc.  It is true that still photos can be taken with much less pain and cheaper with a 7-14mm and some software PP can correction barrel distortion or straighten converging lines, and take out the big empty foreground.  However, I can now see that this simple solution is not what the OP wants.  He needs to take architectural video.

I don't know much about video but I think it would be too much if at all possible to do the software PP on video.  He is right to think about TS lenses.  Resolution can be a lot lower for video, but straight parallel lines must be straight and parallel.  The need will be mainly to correct perspective, i.e. shifting. So, as long as he can find one of the lens/adapter combination in your list with enough width, all is fine and your adapter and lenses would provide the right answer.  Otherwise, FF is the way to go.  Or perhaps just getting to a better or higher shooting position.

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