Samsung Chromebook for travel photo and video storage?

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Re: Samsung Chromebook for travel photo and video storage?

Setter Dog wrote:

I'm looking for something to use for travel and casual around the house storage and viewing of photos and videos,...and some light video editing with Windows Live Movie Maker. There seem to be a lot of options but I haven't seen the Chromebooks suggested by anyone.

Do the screens have enough definition for enjoying photos?

Will they play HD videos without shake and jitter?

So they connect with the so called "Cloud" for storage?

I will also use them for internet access, to the DP forums for eample, and I'm sure they can handle that.

I had thought of just getting a nice laptop for about $500 but a 13.3 screen is as small and light as I can get.

Any other suggestions welcomed. I'm typing this on my lap with a 10" HP netbook, using Wi-Fi. It's satisfactory in many ways but will not even play most You tubes and certainly will not handle even the lightest video editing.

Thanks for any help!


You should seriously consider the MS Surface Pro. Many of us are now using it for photo work while we are traveling or away from our desktops.

I currently have installed PSCS6, LR4, Capture NX 2, DXO Optics Pro 8, Helicon Focus/Remote, ControlMyNikon, as well as many other PC type programs such as Open office. It is really a tablet sized PC fast computer with excellent display resolution and color. Also built in wifi. Sometimes I connect a USB 3 to LAN adapter to connect to my home LAN network for even faster transfer speeds to other computers. I can even connect my D800 through EyeFi to the Surface Pro.

There is a Micro SD slot for removable storage as well as a USB 3 port for connecting to external drives.

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