Any Nikon P330 experiences?

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Re: That's a pity...

marike6 wrote:

opsonic wrote:

Ok -- I just picked one up - and here are my thoughts.

1 - It's lightweight and the frame feels flexy and cheap.

That's strange as I read the ePhotozine review and they claim the P330 has a metal body.

Anyway, that's a pity that it feels cheap as I have a black one in my shopping cart and was about to purchase it.  Too bad.

Oh well.  So much for my plans to get the little P330.  Now I have to find another camera.   Thanks.

Just got one, had the P310...

The P330 is everything the P310 should have been.

I still have the P310 that I am giving to my daughter.

I am holding both in my hand and can tell no difference regarding construction.

The High ISO shots side by side blow my P310 away.

Do not understand nay sayers as I cannot see any disadvantage to this camera over the P310.

In fact image quality so far is amazing and looking forward to processing some RAW images and posting soon.

If you are thinking of upgrading from the P310, or wanted a better P310... for the price this is a no brainer...:)

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