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Re: A few other things going on...

anfat wrote:

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

I downloaded your images, thanks to the YouSendIt links.

While there still is a much stronger difference between your SD-1 and DP-2M than I am getting from my images, there are a few other factors at play:

1) Exposure.  Your DP-2M image is strongly overexposed, the SD-1 image not very much.  The DP-2M image can be recovered fully or so the histogram says, but it might be affecting the color.

2) Time of day.  The quality of the light between the two shots is really different - the DP-2M at high noon, the SD-1 in the morning with very orange light (which may be contributing to the slide color).

I think the thing to do for a better evaluation is, go take two pictures without about the same settings at the same time of the same subjects and see how different those look...

yes, thank you for evaluation...when we 'll have a better weather I'll do that...

First let me say that I found your images on Flickr to be outstanding. Bravo. Beautiful.The Italian countryside and seascapes are luscious. The floral work is rich and colorful.

Now about the difference between the DP Merrill and SD1M.  After reviewing your work, it is clear that you like bright, very colorful images with punchy color.  Shoot with Auto white balance in vibrant mode with the SD1M to produce the most colorful images.  If you are shooting raw---just change the settings to Auto + vibrant and see if that doesn't produce pretty accurate reds with the SD1M.

I've never had good luck shooting with the different color temperatures like overcast etc.  Like you I have my monitor color calibrated--using a different system, but I could see the orangish cast you mention---deffinitely a result of using the overcast white balance setting.  When shooting outdoors, I've found that shooting on auto white balance is very accurate.

Its a little difficult to compare apples to oranges between your DP Merrill images and the SD1M images as the exposures are different.

One camera was more over exposed than the other.  I think if you do a head to head test with both cameras with the same settings, you will find very little difference in color accuracy.  Let us know how your test works out.

Gary Dean Mercer Clark

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