Is professional photography dying out?

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Re: If you want to be depressed check this out

That's pretty much the feeling I'm getting; that photography is at best a part-time job and the rest of the time is a hobby job.

Photographers get very defensive about photography being an earner and yet very few make anything much out of it.

Originally I wanted just to have a smaller amount of gear and just shoot for myself and occasionally for somebody else but as I said, I was coerced into spending more than I wanted and into starting a business. At the time I couldn't really see where the trade was coming from but was being assured it was there - which I somewhat doubted but heck, being from another country, what do I know about the market in the US. I know that where I came from, one of my friends was a pro photographer and he spent most of his time unemployed or doing jobs other than photography.

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