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Leon Obers wrote:

Tareq Abdulla wrote:

And does that Intel tools one compatible on many laptops? I mean where i can get that Intel tools so i can tweak.adjust my BIOS for faster responses?

I want to try all ways possible to see if i can reach to a solution or not, maybe for some people they don't care much if their machines boot in about 20-30seconds and shutdown in about 5-8 seconds, but for me i want to go faster than that, if it is possible to go faster than that then i will pay to get that, for me 20 seconds is better than 26 seconds, also 10 seconds is better than 15seconds, the faster i can go the better i feel and want, i bought those SSD to have full speed not to be closer to hybrid drives, it will be wasting money then, so i will try that Intel Tools and hope i can find some answers there.

I have to figure out myself. I know these are extended possibilities, but I don't use it myself on my desktop. But every "hibernate" option within a PC, just give this possibility already. Don't shut-down, but get it to "sleep". With my laptop, I just close the screen and it goes asleep. Afterwards it only needs a few seconds to wake-up.
My desktop, I have some EPU-settings used. After a while my PC went into sleep. Just using a key on mt keyboard, within 2-3 seconds I am in again.
As for Intel tools, I shall look up for you. I come back later with the information.

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Leon Obers

Thank you very much!

I appreciate all the efforts by all of you, i do my research and i test all recommendations or suggestions i get here, in all cases if i can't get anything helpful then we can think about something else.

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