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Re: Adobe's greed

Colin Franks wrote:

I bought the Adobe "Design Standard CS5" a year or two ago (which includes PS, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat Pro), and when I recently went to upgrade just my PS, they wouldn't permit it, I had to upgrade the whole Design Std. suite (ka-ching ka-ching).

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Looks like they only have an "upgrade" path and not a "downgrade" path. I suspect that from their perspective it is like giving you $600 PSCS license (for $200) in addition to the "Design Standard" license you already own.   It is not greed, you would then have two licenses and they want you to pay full price for the second one since it is not really an upgrade.  Apparently they have no provision in their system to kill the other one to prevent you from upgrading the other one at some point in the future and “ripping them off” (so-to-speak).  I am not surprised although I can see how it SUX from your perspective.

Do you live near a university?  Do you know a student?  I think the student price is $199, which gives you a license that you can upgrade for ever (that is how I got mine -- I took a Photoshop class at UCSD).

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