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Hello Lloydy,

Your "findings " that the Fujifilm S100fs has a better IQ than the HS50 is pure nonsence. Such a statement is a fairy tail. I still own a S100fs (collecting dust) and now the HS50 too. The HS50 is years of technical developement ahead.



I see several possibilities here:

your S100fs is faulty

you never learned how to use the S100fs properly

you are partially blind

you are just trying to wind people up

you are trying to justify your 50's purchase

your opinion of what is good image quality does not correspond with most others opinions

you are having a bad day and decided to vent

good luck with your 50


You forgot just one option: the S100fs is a hype and is founded on nothing. If the S100fs was way better than the HS cameras I would never have bought these cameras. btw is it your habit to insult people?


when introduced the S100fs was not hyped nearly as much as current day fuji cameras, but no matter, the image quality was very, very good.

I have no idea why 'you' do anything. The hs is probably a better camera in all regards except...image quality.  IMAGE QUALITY!!!!

if you find any of my comments insulting...then so be it, they were not meant to insult...only to state my opinion of some possible reasons as to why you hold this very flawed assessment of the S100fs' image quality.


Maybe I had a bad copy but the S100fs was the worst camera I have ever owned, I wanted to like it, it  was good on paper but I sold it. Massive purple and green fringing and a control system from hell. Reset to defaults every time you shut camera off - it was a dog.

From all I can tell, I'm the only one in the known universe who had a decent copy of the S100fs and couldn't wait to get rid of it.  Had no quarrel with the images, but found the ergonomics horrid.

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