Any Nikon P330 experiences?

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Re: Any Nikon P330 experiences?

I have had my P330 for over week now.  I currently own the P310 and I have to say the P310 is better in every single way.

The P330 body must be made of a different material but it feels lighter and cheaper.  The on/off button has to be pushed down extremely hard or multiple times in order to turn at least my device on, this is not an issue on my P310.

The redesigned shutter and thumb dials are also cheap.  The texture on the P310 thumb dial never lets your thumb slip off, when adjusting aperture on the P330 your thumb tends to slide off around 11:00.  The P330 shutter dial is not as sturdy nor do either dials have the tight click found in the P310 so you easily scroll past shutter speeds and menu settings.  Speaking of menu settings I can also attest that there is not only a delay between clicking or scrolling through menu's or items but you have to either click up/down twice or rotate 2 clicks in order to move up/down one space, this is where previous concerns about lag are coming from.  The P310 is not like this nor should any electronic be like this.

Shooting and image quality?  Image quality is slightly better but it really doesn't matter because I am able to shoot outdoor shots with the P310 at ISO 100 f/5 @ 1/500sec and produce crisp clear noise free images.  For whatever the P330 requires almost 3x a slower shutter speed to acquire the same exposure.  For the same type of shot I would need a shutter speed around 1/60-1/160.  What this means is I was coming away with less sharp photo's or all together blurry photo's when shooting moving subjects or cars even with VR on.  It is even worse at lower shutter speeds.

I find that in order to produce the same exposed images I got on the P310, on the P330 I have to jack up the ISO and lower my shutter speed which is fine If I shoot on a tripod, but this is the camera i'm supposed to take with me when I'm not lugging around my DSLR, so when i'm shooting on the fly the images are equal to or less than the shots I was getting with my P310, not to mention the added messing around with settings because the shutter speeds don't make any sense when compared to just about every other camera I've used.

I returned it and am keeping my P310. It's disappointing.  When the Coolpix A is cheaper I will be purchasing that.  Hope my review helps.

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