Thinking of swapping from MFT to full DSLR - Advice?

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papillon_65 wrote:

tedolf wrote:

Pebbleheed wrote:

shallow wide angle DOF and tracking AF.

That is all.

How about max shutter speed?

1/1000 is fast enough.

Good enough for a Leica M4!

wider wide angles?


8mm (16mm full frame) is plenty wide.

How wide is your Mother in Law anyway?


E-p2 has perfect ergonomics.

Better and faster telephoto choices?

Legacy lenses.

Battery life on a single battery?

You got me there.

That is why we need a true "rangefinder" u 4/3 camera.

I'm still relatively new to photography.

Then you have a long way to go before you could  possibly justify buying a FF dSLR.

But a low end DSLR could be a good choice.

True, but FF?

Lenses get pricy.

I bought a Panasonic GX1 a short while back and I'm pretty happy with it. I love the small size of it while enjoying using interchangeable lenses. However there are some points that are annoying me.

The main point with the GX1 is that lenses are expensive.

Oly 40-150mm-    $99.00

Oly 17mm f/2.8   $175.00

Panny 14mm f/2.5  $200.00

Sigma 19mm and 30mm together $200.00

Legacy lenses:  about $10.00 - $75.00

I look at my friends with their Canon EOS 550D cameras as they pick up lenses for a fraction of what I pay for MFT lenses.

But there are a lot of legacy lenses (e.g. rangefinder lenses, Konica lenses, Half frame lenes, etc) they can't mount.

But there are an awful lot of cheaper good quality lenses they can mount and some DSLR's can mount loads of legacy lenses if you wish to.

Yeah, but you can't mount an Summicron M can you?

And if you can't do that your camera can't look really cool can it?

What about ventilated lens hoods, huh?

A dSLR would look stupid with a ventilated lens hood, a PEN/GF doesn't

They can in some cases get 2 or 3 lenses for just 1 of mine and to be honest I've not noticed a difference in quality that would justify the price difference.

You are paying for the size/weight difference.

Compare the Oly 40-150mm with a FF 80-300mm zoom!


Secondly is the depth of field. To get decent bokeh

DOF and "bokeh" are two entirely different things.  Bokeh is the quality of the out of focus areas and is dependent on a lot of things including the number of aperture blades and the shape of the blades in the lens.  DOF is the depth within the image that is in an acceptable range of sharpness. Bokeh is largely independent of format size.  DOF is not.  But, for general photography, the 4/3 format has a better DOF profile than FF.

It's bit difficult to argue that one as FF has a wider dof profile than m4/3's. It can go just as deep but it can also go shallower.

Not at the same ISO.

type backgrounds on my shots I have to be close up to my subjects.

No you don't, you just need a longer focal lenght.

Sometimes that just isn't possible

Sometimes, life itself is impossible!

I have to be low down on the aperture.


The DSLR cameras appear to be able to beat this in every way without having to get as close and without having to go as low on the aperture.

FF cameras have DOF that is too narrow wide open for most subjects, except wide angle shots

Not really a problem, you just stop down.

Ah, but then you are no longer at ISO 100.

I enjoy taking my GX1 out with the 14mm pancake lens on to get some street shots, but when it comes to other shots such as macro or portrait I'm feeling a little let down to be honest.

You should.

The 14mm lens is not intended for portrait or macro work.

But can be used for it.

Environmental, yes.

Head and sholders, no.

I'm starting to wonder if it's time to trade the GX1 in and go for a 550D in it's place?

Really what you should be wondering is whether you might be better served by taking a photography class where you would learn about focal lenght and it's effect on DOF, and how camera to subject distance alone effects perspective.

Well if he has large hands or is clumsy then a DSLR may indeed be a better choice, amongst other reasons.

True, except he could get a GH-3.

I hear they are Ginormous!

Anyone else feel a little cheated on the MFT lens prices?

It depends on what lenses you buy. The micro four thinds lenes below can be had for about $700.00 all together and cover a focal range from 18mm-300mm FF eqivalent.

The fact that u 4/3 can adapt just about every lens ever made allows me to assembly a lens collection that would otherwise cost thousands of dollars for just few hundred:

I accept that the small size we enjoy has to have let downs in other areas, but I'm trying to make up my mind to see if I can live with a little bigger a camera to get more benefits of a full DSLR.

You haven't really stated any benefits you can't get with the u 4/3 format.

because he is inexperienced I did it for him

You gonna spoon feed him too?


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