D7200: More Megapixels, more DR, or improved high ISO IQ? Locked

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Bailey151 wrote:

jonikon wrote:

OK, the D7100 and it's 24MP sensor is a done deal, and there is no improvement in dynamic range or high ISO image quality, which I found disappointing after all the pre-release hype. There are  just more megapixels to make birders and pixel peepers happy, but what about the rest of us?

Personally I would like to see virtually no noise (grainy or otherwise) at lower ISOs, even in out of camera JPEGs,  while still retaining sharpness, color accuracy, and also some improvement in dynamic range. I don't think this is too much to ask for in a $1200 body!

So many factors, but it's evolutionary better. First is more dynamic ranged needed? High ISO is in fact a bit better. The single biggest advantage is the level of detail - and along with detail comes a bit more noise, the beauty is the extra detail allows more noise reduction without impacting the overall image quality.

And really one can't rely on forum postings without knowing the shooter - I've seen known people photos & they're superb. From birds to a fox (simply stunning) to a series of model portraits. The sensor appears to be very good & the lack of AA filter is great.

And the focus system is a large improvement - it's simply very good, much better than the D7000.

Is it revolutionary? No, but as an overall package it's a nice step forward.

Very well summarized.  I agree. I think People were expecting the D8000 or looking for issues that really aren't issues. That's in itself proves the viability of the D7.1K.

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