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Tried a friend's brand new and fast Win8 machine today

I had a chance to try out my friend's brand new rig he got delivered this week. It has the same processor I have been contemplating but everything else is better/faster. I don't have the exact component list with me but it was a nearly 2000 Euro setup.

Well, it was fast. Like unbelievably fast to boot. And Lightroom was fast too, very responsive even with the kind of edits that make my current rig halt almost completely (say, dust busting a really dusty image shot at f22). We also learned that to max the processor load for Lightroom exports it pays to initiate several concurrent export tasks. My current rig shows 100% processor load even with a single export operation.

Win8 was confusing to me. I guess I could live with it if I had to but it seems really really counterintuitive. I tested it with and without the classic shell. Needless to say, the shell made it seem like a usable system. Based on that I might go for the latest OS as there are some reports that it is faster than Win7.


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