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Re: True (^_^) The lack of cats is disturbing (NT)


Is Nutella inside-reference now? And derogatory?

Have we not succeed in promoting that term? What about Bayer Mush? No? Not that either? Sigh.

Is it not common knowledge that Foveon sensors has much better per pixel sharpness than Bayer? I bet you have to sharpen every one of your shots.

Sorry, couldĀ“t resist. Yep, we do use some internal terms, maybe to justify our purchase of a great sensor in a not so great implementation in a less than perfect camera.

Many people here use other systems when the Sigmas does not cut it.

PhotoKhan wrote:

rick decker wrote:

Some feel that a rule is a rule and if one person can ignore it, then all can and there is chaos.

That wouldn't be me for sure. If not for anything else, because I don't even know what the "rules" are around here.

I only checked in because of this feature DPR has where the "Top Threads" (...for which ranking I don't know the rules either...) appears on the right side of "my" forum (the "anything Canon you can drop there Forum").

It just struck me as curious that a Sigma user has lost all faith his "SigFov Special Look" up to the point of actually using a photo taken with another brand material to claim something as "typical Sigma forum", while not disclaiming it isn't actually a Sigma-originated image.

...and if the cryptic "Nutella" reference was actually derogatory inside-reference that was intended to signalize this was an "inferior" shot from another brand's equipment, then you guys are even more clueless than I thought because, precisely, this shot perfectly demonstrates all that is superiorly good about the combo used to take it.


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