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Re: SSD performance

Tareq Abdulla wrote:

Here are 2 images from Samsung Magician:

It seems my computer is not strong enough to accept new SSD technology, my my SATA3 is not as SATA3 on new computers these days, also maybe my Processor is 1st or 2nd generation that maybe not making SSD good enough,

Sorry, but I don't see that wrong values for performance or that big differences as seen within the previous test using CrystalDiskMark.

As for Sequential read and write, that are top-notch values. Keep in mind that SATA III 600 Mb/s is the absolute maximum of the port itself. By some overhead, you shall never reach those maximum values in practice. I don't get these values using one SSD, specially for writing. 549 read, 385 write, using the same Magician test, but as written, AHCI mode is not active within my system.

The only drawback is within the Random Read and Write (IOPS). Those values seems far to low, as also seen within the test by small blocks using CrystalDiskMark.
I get values about double as high for this. (96134 read, 89456 write).

Those differences could be a driver issue only, as in previous more old driver versions, I also got far more low values. Upgrading lift up those values as shown a few lines up, but did decrease the write speeds for Sequential write a bit.

You could experiment with other chipset drivers. It could be that you have an Intel SATA chipset.
For recognizing maybe this could be of help:  Intel Chipset identification utility

plus download page

If your mobo do contain an Intel chipset, better to use those drivers.
(I do use Intel drivers, latest download, not the Microsoft drivers as found at my OS CD).
But in spite of test values, it does not say that much for working in normal practice.
As other posters already wrote, booting up can have so much other background processes within the system that it slow down the entire boot, less to to with reading or wrting to an SSD.

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