Is professional photography dying out?

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Seems to me...

When I had my studio I divided brides into 3 categories.  Those that could pay at least $1500, those that wanted an album included in the package for $2500-3000.00 and those that could pay $5000.00 and over.  In those days from 1995 to 2006 more or less, the advertising was done in the Yellow Pages, and I still remember gals calling up for $500.00 weddings that really were not worth doing.

Now advertising is mostly online, but the bride's have changed somewhat.  There are still the bride's that want $400.00 or $500.00 weddings, which adjusted for inflation makes a photographer barely nothing, while the $1500.00 brides are almost extinct due to the economy tanking.  One is not going to make money from the poor or unemployed, so one has to go after the upscale bride's.  That's where the money is!   Don't you think?   Starting a business now days is most difficult, specially when the economy is so bad.  But still there are people that have money.  Target them.

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