Blogger Ming Thein: GH3 a "consumer appliance"

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Re: Blogger Ming Thein: GH3 a "consumer appliance"

I didn't read all 70+ replies, just a handful and got a bit annoyed at a few so stopped. So if this has already been covered, apologies for the duplication.

The summary you quoted is just that, a summary. There is a slightly more detailed review that explains his thinking that led to the summary here:

Ming is a professional photographer, it's how he makes his living. He has embraced the internet and mobile communication as an integral part of his career progression. You can send him your photos via email, pay him some money and he will explain to you where he thinks you are making the most obvious mistakes and how to go about improving. As an educator, he has helped many professionals get started and has a steady stream of glowing references.

Now, back on this forum, people are calling him a whore because he uses the internet to promote and support his business. And they advise readers to steer clearing of reading what he has to say about photography and his equipment.

Your choice of course, but I know whose words I'd rather be spending my time reading, and it's not geartographers with a keyboard addiction.


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