First Impression on NX300 (unpacked)

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Re: First Impression on NX300 (unpacked)

Ariston wrote:

anyway, I somehow agree with you with regards to the NEX-6 AF where I find the AF focusing speed not impressive at all in comparison with other mirrorless which performed better. I was pretty surprised about dpr's assessment that the AF is good or not bad at all for a mirrorless despite the fact the it doesn't appear to be even at par with the faster ones.

What DPR said was that single AF on Nex-6 isn't that different from previous Nex model, but the AF tracking ability (in continuous AF mode) is best behind Nikon V1 -- better than any M4/3 camera.

Thom Hogan who reviewed Nex-6 had the same conclusion

So credible people who (unlike you) used all these cameras confirm than Nex-6 has much better AF tracking than usual mirrorless cameras on the mark.

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