Who would buy a 'Sigma' 12/2.8 Prime @ $399

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I would, and be also willing to buy a 12/3.5 lens for $199

For Nikon and Canon, they usually make two set of lenses, one for the pro and one for the mass.  The pro versions are built to a very high standard in terms of IQ and built, instead of a set price point, so they are very expensive.  For the mass, they have a cheaper version that is almost as good but usually made of plastic, and not as fast.  A good example is the so called "portrait" lens. The Nikon 85/1.4 is $1,500, while the 85/1.8 is $488.

For Olympus, the 12/2 and 17/1.8 are for the pro so they are built to a much higher built quality with features that most of us can live without: all metal body, distance scale, ease of MF, etc, with a price to match.  By contrast, the 45/1.8 is built for the mass, plastic and compact body while delivering outstanding IQ.  Another reason why m4/3 lenses are expensive is the relatively small production volume, as compared to C and K.

I wish that after they finished building prime lenses for the pro, they can begin to offer lenses that priced to sell.  Before that, we would hope that Sigma can step in.  The 19/2.8 lens at $199 is very well received.

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