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Re: Your use of "biased" is perfecty correct, Aleo...

Hen3ry wrote:

MichaelKJ wrote:

Hen3ry wrote:

…whether the popular definition is applied -- andthat applies to postings on a photo blog -- or the behavioral science definition is implied.

Is Ming's bias unconscious? Frankly, if he can produce such hyperbole and is unconscious of the problems with it, then he has a problem himself. I think he intended to be "controversial" by putting on an appearance of bias against the GH3. His language is too extreme for it to be otherwise in my view as a behavioral science graduate and professional writer, marketer, and advertiser, and teacher of "writing for a purpose".

I would counsel you to ignore Michael's apparent carping about the use of the term "bias".

He appears to lack an understanding of when to apply the specialized narrow definition of a term borrowed from the general lexicon by a science, i.e. you applied the narrow definition when speaking or writing within the constraints of that science about matters subject to scientific scrutiny.

What many people lack is an understanding of how what they consider objective opinions are actually biased.  As a behavioral science graduate and marketer, I assume you are aware that Kahneman & Tversky's findings on cognitive biases and heuristics have practical implications.

Goodness, gracious me. I hope so, otherwise their studies were a total waste of time and money.

You are not speaking or writing within the field of behavioral science so the general language definition of "bias" applies. Your use of it was perfectly correct.

Are you sure? Aleo said that he didn't think Ming's bias was intentional, but you indicate otherwise. Are the two of you using the same notion of bias?

According to the definition in Wikipedia, Bias can come in many forms and is often considered to be synonymous with prejudice or bigotry Is that the general language definition that you claim applies here?

Micheal's introduction of the behavioral science definition was wrong.

How so?

Because Aleo's usage was correct according to the general definition -- as I clearly said above. You want to apply definitions developed in behavioral science, go play in the behavioral science yard.

"Bias can come in many forms" -- is that good enough for you? Seems you aren’t even reading what you post.

That was the exactly my point. The fact that bias can come in many forms makes it open to different interpretations by different people.  Several people have said Ming's opinion is biased.  While you can argue that everyone's usage was correct according to the general definition, that doesn't mean they were making the same point.  In fact, you indicated you feel that Ming intended to put on the appearance of bias while Aleo indicated he feels differently.

"Are the two of you using the same notion of bias." Pop psychology rampant!

Nothing "pop" about it, unless you think misunderstandings due to semantic differences are unimportant. Your argument appears to be that it doesn't matter if two people mean different things when they use the term bias as long as each person's concept of bias falls somewhere within the general definition.

You either didn’t read what I wrote, didn’t read what you wrote, or if you did, you don’t understand the implications of either or both.

I'm well aware of what both of us wrote. What implications do you think I don't understand?

Cheers, geoff

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