A result of negative user feedback for Windows 8?

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Metro apps and losing market share

Scott Eaton wrote:

You get forced into the Metro interface for all kinds of things including clicking on media files, mailto links, and other common tasks. The Metro wizards are also very difficult to get out of, which is why I get calls from frustrated users locked into Metro and harassed to sign up for MS cloud services nearly to the point of tears. At this point I'm not sure if I'm more aggravated at Microsoft, or the Best Buy clerks (and people here) giving bad advice about how some third party app 'deactivates' Metro.

Yes, running a Metro app from the desktop, even while running a 3rd party app like the "Classic Shell", does switch Win8 back to the Metro UI.  New Win8 users need to avoid running any Metro apps if they want to remain in the desktop mode.

I agree that Microsoft should have allowed two versions of the of the OS and with a choice of GUI's. Fast food chains and tablet makers can shoose Metro while people working for a living can choose the classic shell. The problem is while this is good for users it cuts into MS's potential profit stream.

What MS doesn't appear to get is that the the only reason a majority of Windows users use their software like MS Word, Excel and Internet Explorer, and use other 3rd party software is because they were/are running the Windows OS.

  • MS Word was not better than Word Perfect.
  • MS Excel was not better than Lotus 123.
  • MS Internet Explorer was not better than Network Navigator.

Running the Windows OS was the main reason why windows users migrated to the MS application software and used 3rd party windows software.  If folks start dumping Windows for other OS', they will not have a reason to continue their loyalty to MS application software, nor other 3rd party software written for windows.

So while MS "might" make some money with their software store now, they will eventually lose their dominance of the OS market and the revenues associated with a dominant OS.

My $.02,

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