New image editing rig - help please! 10 bit graphics etc...

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Re: New image editing rig - help please! 10 bit graphics etc...

Leon Obers wrote:

kelpdiver wrote:

And if CS6 and LR are your focus, don't bother with an external card at all.  There are very few accelerated GPU functions in even CS6.  Don't believe any are in CS5.  Add the card when you have an actual need...they'll only get cheaper and faster.  Meanwhile you'll have a quieter system.

As for the 3-D menu / functions of Photoshop CS6 Extended. They don't work with the internal Intel processor GPU HD 4000. You need an extra graphic card for that. Also working with several tools, you do get advantage in speed using an external graphic card. Although not necessary to buy an expensive one. As by a test made by "Pudgetsystems", NVIDEA GTX 650 and AMD 7750 does a good job, if it comes to speed-up / budget. (Although no answer to the 30 bit color display question of the topic starter).

See test:

You have to look at those functions and decide how often you actually use them.  And the answer for me is 'virtually never.'   Oil painting?  Tilt shift blur?  (I have an actual tilt shift lens for that)  Field Blur?

In the next major release, I'd expect to see a big jump in the number of functions that can be accelerated, and then the cost/benefit ratio may change substantially, but right now it's hard to see value add.

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