Who would buy a 'Sigma' 12/2.8 Prime @ $399

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not a viable design

KenBalbari wrote:

MatsP wrote:

I have no experience from the 30, it may be excellent. I'm sure Sigma could make a good 12 if they want, I know they have some very fine lenses, but I´m not interested in a 12/2,8, which was the question. I hope they will make some real good m4/3 zooms!

I'd like to see a "DN" version of their 17-70 f2.8-4.0.  It would be a little large, in size somewhere between the 12-50 m4/3 and 12-60 4/3 lenses.  I bet they could get the weight down around 400g with the updated version without HSM.  It's a decent lens for the price, and I think the 34-140 equivalent would actually be pretty useful.

I bought that lens in A-mount. I liked very much the fact that it covered my most used FL range 24-70mm, and it wasn't very slow. I didn't have problems with its size and weight. But, alas, the testing showed it was so much worse than every zoom I had in that range that I had to ship it back to B&H. It was useable at 17mm, which I couldn't care less, but it was terrible on the long end, which was very important. That lens design is too poor even for APS-C sensor, it will suck big time for smaller image circle.

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