OMD + one lens for mountaineering

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Too bad you don't have the 12-50

That's the lens that stays on my camera 99% of the time when I'm climbing mountains.  The focal range and weather-sealing make it the best choice, and the IQ is more than enough in most situations.  For what I use it for, there is no reason for me to blow the extra money on the 12-35, and if I was only taking one lens, that would be it every time.

As others have mentioned, the short tele (40-50mm on M4/3) is a very useful range on mountains and for people, though I freely admit to using the 12mm side for the majority of shots with that lens.  Since the 12-35 is the only other weather-sealed option here, I'd just step-up to that personally if you plan to buy it later anyway.

In truth, if you only go out in nice conditions, the weather-sealing thing is overblown, but I live in Alaska on an island where the weather is generally considered poor by most people.  If you spend lots of time on high peaks anywhere, you will have to deal with your fair share of awful conditions as I'm sure you are aware.  If weather-sealing doesn't matter to you, then it comes down to what sorts of pictures you want to take.

You can get some awesome people and landscape shots with just a wide angle and nothing more if you have the skill and creativity to get the most out of it.  So I can see where the 9-18 would be a good choice.  For me, I just use the 12-50, and when it's nice I love to take the real dramatic alpine vista shots with the Rokinon fisheye (which is a great, and small addition to the pack), but obviously that isn't for everyone, and requires swapping a lens.

If (and this is a big if) you are just wanting to buy one cheap lens now and save up for the better gear later, I'd still just get the 12-50 if you can find a cheap de-kitted one on E-bay.  I bought mine with the kit thinking I'd step-up later, and I'm not sure I have any real reason to step up, unless Olympus comes out with a M 4/3 12-60 f2.8 or similar.

Just my 2 cents,


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