A result of negative user feedback for Windows 8?

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Re: no, it's not, and I'm sick of saying it

Scott Eaton wrote:

I do find it sad that the entire debate is focused on Metro. That's a thin veneer on the surface that is easily replaced anyway. MS should have offered a system with multiple shells/desktops, even options from third parties.

Totally untrue. Metro *cannot* be de-coupled from Win8 as per my other comments on this, and adding 3rd party start emulators just creates another potential problem down the road when MS service packs inevitably break them. Win8 is not the same thing as Windows 3.11 with Norton Desktop installed.

You get forced into the Metro interface for all kinds of things including clicking on media files, mailto links, and other common tasks. The Metro wizards are also very difficult to get out of, which is why I get calls from frustrated users locked into Metro and harassed to sign up for MS cloud services nearly to the point of tears. At this point I'm not sure if I'm more aggravated at Microsoft, or the Best Buy clerks (and people here) giving bad advice about how some third party app 'deactivates' Metro.

Well, maybe I should have said... "should have been a thin veneer...".

I don't think we're in fundamental disagreement on the main issues here although you seem to be suggesting that Metro's tentacles run deeper than I had been led to believe. I still think that has more to do with specific implementation issues than it does the fundamental architecture. I mean, who thinks it makes sense to put UI code down in the kernel, file system, networking layers etc.?

I have a new Win 8 system arriving next week and I'll be exploring these issues in a lot more detail. However, at this point, I'm leaning to discarding Win 8 and installing Win 7.

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