For Play: match my Olympus SOOC JPEG colors in LR4?

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Re: For Play: match my Olympus SOOC JPEG colors in LR4?

Alex Notpro wrote:

Sometimes you want to get a particular look on a photo. And if you're a newbie like me, you have no idea how to get LR4 to match the colors in your mind.

So here's a challenge to emulate that creative process, hopefully with a thing or two to be learned on how to get colors to look the way you want them...

How can I get LR4 to output the same colors as my Olympus E-PM2 on this example?

I'm interested in the process, not the result. You know, the old saying, about teaching a man to fish versus giving him a fish...

Anyway, the photos are below and here's a link to the RAW:


JPEG straight out of Olympus E-PM2

ORF processed in LR4 with mostly default settings

Well I had a go in Lightroom, the best I could do was this

It involved making the following adjustments in the Camera Calibration panel

Process 2012 (Current)

Profile Adobe Standard

Shadows tint +38

Red Primary Hue +62

Red Saturation +62

Green Primary Hue -5

Other sliders untouched

I also increased exposure by 0.6

It looks to me as though the Adobe profile for your camera is way out under artificial light.  I suggest you get a color checker passport and use that to generate your own profiles.

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