A result of negative user feedback for Windows 8?

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Birk Binnard
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Th real question is : Why did Microsoft do it?

My sense is that the answer is quite simple - the want to change their business model from one that is product oriented to one that is subscription oriented.

My guess is that they realize that the PC world is sort of like the old CB Radio world: at some point everyone who wants one has one, so then the prices bottom out and you have to come up with some sort of new way to make money.

The success of Apple and their handheld devices is clearly not lost on Microsoft. So what they did was change the focus of their company (and it's products) to a different concept, and Metro is their initial foray into that universe.  It seems to me they have decided the desktop universe is moribund, and they no longer want to be a major player there.

The point about Best Buy's Geek squad and tablet makers is right on - the Metro universe may be a great way for companies to make money selling lots of $5 products (heck, I paid $5 for Start8 for my new laptop) but that is a totally different space from the one where people use PC's to do real work.  That latter space is very mature now and it's not clear to me that there is much anyone can do to make it better for it's inhabitants.  Apparently Microsoft doesn't think so either and is now on track to move it's business somewhere else.

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