DP1, DP2 & DP3 color rendition: same or different? The truth revealed :)

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Re: So really cameras are not different, Auto WB is.

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

Another good test, although I would say response between the cameras could vary from flash based light source to natural light - between your test and Bob's we all have a better idea what to expect.

Yes, but it would be lovely to see some spectral distribution of Bob's dutch grey ambient light compared to the distribution of Vieri's flash.

Vieri, you wouldn't happen to have a small-spectered light-source (like a LED-lamp or so)? And far too much time on your hands?

It seems like in the end the cameras are not really different, if a custom WB yields nearly the same result across the line.  Instead for whatever reason, it's Auto WB that creates more variation... which is really good to know.

But the angle of light hitting the sensor is different - and Sigma have to find a good compromise between receiving as much light as possible on one side versus not having the circuitry of the first two layers shadow for the well at the third layer on the other side. Could this be accounting for the difference?

I hope Vieris test and Bowmans observations are flawed, of course -- otherwise I HAVE to get a DP3M )-:

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