30" Monitor or Dual 24"

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Re: 30" Monitor or Dual 24"

I think it's a matter of personal opinion.  I've been using 2 monitors for a long time and would never go back to a single monitor.  I like the ability to move all the various toolbars and button boxes off my main screen so I can maximize the size of the editing image oin my primary screen.  Certainly this requires adjusting to "looking at 2 things at once", but this was not a difficult transition for me and, as I said, I would never go back to a single screen even if it were huge.

Furthermore, my 2 monitors are in opposite orientation - primary is landscape (1920x1200) and secondary is portrait (1050x1680).  This is very nice for viewing text documents (Word and my PDF viewer come up on the portrait screen) and also for anything that has a long list of "Properties" (such as web pages.)  Help screens are also good on the secondary because you can have the Help up and still see everything on the primary.

I also usually have my file manager on the secondary screen all the time, even though it often gets overlayed with other stuff.  It's quite convenient to bring the file manager to the foreground just by clicking on it somewhere in between the various tool boxes that often are in front of it.

My image editing is about 50/50 photos/videos and I am considering adding a 3rd monitor (actually a small LCD TV) as a Preview device simple because TV's seem to have noticeably different display characteristics from LCD monitors.

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