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Re: Cool...non issue then.....

Fred Mueller wrote:

If you do a lot of property photography like I do you might not dismiss heavy shadow lifting as a sign of "failure" in exposure choices.  And then by extension you quickly realize that it is current technology that is "failing" - not just in my narrow pursuit - but broadly.  Our cameras just can't translate a lot of what we see.

The Exmore class sensors has for me moved the decision about when to bracket (in order to contain the dynamic values of a shot) by a few stops, allowing for good results in situations where previous generations of sensors just could not hold as much range.  Remapping shadow detail upward is S.O.P. in post for this kind of work, where you are trying to maintain out of window views, and detail in light fixtures and also have the body of a room look natural ...

We are so ingrained in our experience of this basic long standing limitation in photography, that we dismiss a lot of what we see as "not good" for the making of a good photograph - which of course means we are conditioned to turn our backs on light when it is at its most explosive and spectacular in our natural environments ...

agreed...but you are one in a million (literally) for the majority of shooters, this aspect does not even come into play except in their minds.

I can see your work, concert work, and a few others that really need the shadow recovery to be spotless on a normal basis.


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