EPL 5 or NEX 5R

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Jorginho wrote:

I have the EPl5 and am very happy with it.

Compared to my GH2 I think IBIS is the nicest thing. All lenses are stabilized now. Even nicer: there is a setting which I use that uses OIS when an OIS lens is mounted and IBIS when a non stabilised lens is mounted. I have compared both and OIS is just slightly better. I gain 2,5 stops with IBIS. NEX5R can't do that.

Another point is that the lenses for NEX are scarce and bar a few they are not as good as mFT lenses. Also: they are most of the time faster. Also: the lenses are sharp wide open, this is not the case with by far the most Sony lenses. This means you need to stop down on many occassions which means object isolation, a strength of APS-c sensors, becomes less well defined.

Can you mount an EVF on a NEX? Doe sit have a tilting display ( I think it does).

But the main advantage still is the in Body stabilsation and lens choice/lens size. mFT lenses, certainly when you want to use zooms are considerably smaller.

NEX ahs advantages too: focus peaking for manual focussed lenses. even thoigh the difference is really small, the NEX sensor is still slightly better. That's about it I think.

But....I would direct you to the new Samsung NX300 and/or NEX6. You have moving kids. NEX6 seems to track moving subjects well, my Olympus is soso. Can do it, but not that good. mFt is falling behind here. The new Samsung NX300 has (in theory) similar AF as the NEX6. Samsungs lenses are cheap and they are really well built. Good IQ. So check that out too.

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