Can the X20 be saved? :-)

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Re: Can the X20 be saved? :-)

DS21 wrote:

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DS21 wrote:

What are you talking about, "modus operandi around here", couple of guys a little more critical about Fujifilm's half-assed firmware efforts, among the sea of positive posts all around. Talk about bitch and moan...

Funny thing is with the Q button and screen and very straight forward menus, they've actually pretty much nailed the user interface part of the firmware better than most other companies. I find the UI of Fuji best in class these days. So hardly half assed in that way. I don't know for me the colors so far have been pretty dead on correct and natural. So we are down to complaints solely on jpeg rendering?

This is a company with the X series has listened to everything and has done a great job addressing issues with updated firmware and major improvements in generation 2 of each of the X series cameras.

So, bad JPEG rendering, noise, smearing and inability to view at more then 3 MP without seeing the problems are minor issues in a $600 point and shoot? And we are not supposed to point it out, because it is common knowledge Fuji will issue firmware updates and fix everything? And how will they found out it needs fixing, if there are no complaints. Hiding lower sensitivity of the sensor (known fact about X-trans) by boosting mids and shadows in JPEG creation, and leaving sensor underexposed, are half-assed efforts, especially considering that this is a small X-trans sensor now, and there is no way to pull it off like with bigger sensors.

Yes, we have heard you at least 50 times, not saying you are wrong but give it a rest, we know what you say and say and say and say and say

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