Why is Nikon so slow at fixing botched repairs?

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Re: Why is Nikon so slow at fixing botched repairs?

Joe Tam wrote:


It's been 24 days since my camera went in for an AF problem that developed when Nikon repaired the camera for an unrelated issue.  I'm hoping I get the camera back next week.  My question is: does Nikon ever put a priority on cameras they mess up?

I checked with a friend of mine at Nikon. He tells me that on repair returns, the camera is assigned a 32nd priority. The web is checked to see if the customer has complained about Nikon. If so, the priority is lowered.

In all seriousness, just what kind of authoritative answer are you expecting from this forum? It's all guesses and speculation, the exact same that you are capable of. So, just be honest and say you're posting to let steam off and complain. No responses needed. Or perhaps you could actually call Nikon repair and ask them. Oh wait, that not something any reasonable person would do.

//Rant mode off.

//Banishment mode soon to come

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