Micro Focus Adjustment Revisited

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Yup... better method IMHO

Sailor Blue wrote:

This is the best free technique I know of for setting the AF Microadjustment.

AF microadjustment tricks

Since the AF can vary slightly from shot-to-shot I recommend you take 8 shots at each AF Microadjustment setting.  Between each shot alternatively move the lens in Manual Focus mode to infinity and the nearest focal point.

Average the 8 shots at each AF Microadjustment point.  Pick the AF Microadjustment point with the highest resolution.

Totally agree.  The OP's link suggests an angled target, which IMHO can be a recipe for failure.  Your link recommends a perpendicular target and a tethered connection to get a realtime, large view of your target as you tweak the adjustment.  I've used this techique many times with many lenses and it hasn't failed me yet.

FoCal software is another nice alternative, but unlike this method, it's not free.

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