D600 Auto Focus Points - Who Thought That Would Be A Good Idea?

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Try a Sony a99, and then look back...

I just looked through the viewfinder of my D300s and note that the auto-focus points on that camera extend to a point that is well within the "rule of thirds" grid on either side of the frame.  It is easy set the focus in the portion of the frame where I want it and leave it there; auto-focus does the rest.  I can concentrate on the subject and the moments.

Like others have said, that's a problem with all full frame DSLRs today, although the D700/800 and 5D III are a bit better. It'd be great if they could solve that problem by providing D300 like AF point coverage over the full frame (without having to crop, because that defeats the purpose of using a full frame camera).

But for a better idea of where the D600 stands against its competitors, take a look at the a99. Its AF points cover a smaller area than the D600's AF points, and the a99 doesn't even have a dense AF point layout. On top of that, you have an additional 102 non-selectable points to tease you...

Or, look at the Canon 6D, or 5D II. AF coverage is similar to the D600, but with fewer points (so large gaps between points). The D600 competes well with its peers, and isn't too far behind the D700/800/5D III.

EDIT: Not that I'm defending the D600's tight AF point coverage. It's a pretty bad drawback, and I'm sure everyone going from a DX camera to a FF camera gets a nasty shock at how poor AF coverage is...but the lack of a full frame camera that covers the frame with AF points like the D300, along with sub-par competition is probably why Nikon wasn't driven to improve in that area with the D600.

It's an area that definitely needs improvement, and whoever gets there first will get sales.

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