5Dmk2 strange dots on images?

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Re: 5Dmk2 strange dots on images?

Freeman-Jo wrote:

DinoA wrote:

I can see them even if i use f2.2 so i'm not sure is that dust problem. Those are painted with white brush.

Dust is on the sensor, why does it matter what f-stop you use?  It does matter about the overall exposure of the image though.

To F-Jo: Dust does NOT accumulate on the sensor, but on the anti-alias filter which is some distance from the sensor. Because of this, the smaller aperture you use, the better dust shows. This is very easy to test: just take a same-brightness image at f/2.8 and f/22 using the same lens, and you'll notice how it's almost impossible to see any dust from even a really dirty sensor at f/2.8.

To Original poster: to me it looks like your issue is hot pixels combined with insanely over-contrasty processing, and perhaps bad RAW processing program. But I cannot be 100% sure, particularly when some of the larger purple things have really odd shapes when looked at 100% magnification. I've never seen anything quite like it. One thing it clearly is not is dust on the AA filter or lens, particularly if it shows in f/2.2 images as you said.

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