Future of Pentax?

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BobORama wrote:

noel2 wrote:

Many years ago, having invested in a number of excellent A* Pentax lenses, I was waiting for Pentax to look foreward and enter the digital mode to do justice to the quality of its optics.

When ever you get tired of waiting, I'll pay for shipping.

Go to e-bay, or a flea market, pick up any recent Pentax 35mm camera.

Spend $7 on a roll of Velvia, and you can be kickin' it old school with your A* lenses.

Frankly, your argument is nonsensical.  Other than changing the effective EFL, you don't get any more or less out of the lenses.

The A* lenses are still highly desirable, so sell them and switch to a more awesome brand?

Exactly! Stop complaining!

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