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Re: If so, it seems like I'm wrong

chlamchowder wrote:

"What I have noticed over and over in galleries and museums for photographs and paintings is that people look from a distance to see the whole composition and then move in to inspect the detail.

Ansel Adams and Edward Weston used an 8x10 camera for a reason."

"Something that I have found over the years is that fellow photographers -- who never buy prints -- all like to stand back and take in "the whole print".  But clients nearly always get up close and examine the micro details.

Which group do you want to keep happy?"

Honestly, I've never observed such behavior. Perhaps I just don't notice other people doing it. If that's the case, then I would be wrong because I'd have underestimated the impact that additional resolution would make.

Next time you are in a museum go to the exhibit of landscape paintings or photography and observe. I've noticed this behavior for decades. The serious viewer studies the whole painting/photo from a distance, then moves in to study details.

You will find casual observers who just view from a distance, but they rarely spend much time looking at the painting or photo. They will just give it a few seconds and walk on.

I never realized how inadequate cameras like the D3x and 5D II were in terms of resolution. Landscape photographers seemed pretty happy with them.

The D3x is not inadequate if you only make 16x20 prints. The D800E is a better choice if you want to print 20x30".

If megapixels are so important, there are rumors that Canon is developing a 50+ MP camera. That would be an interesting development to keep in mind.

There are rumors of Nikon coming out with a 54 MP D4x by using the D7100 pixel density on an FX sensor. So?

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