Best adapter for Contax G lenses

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Re: Best adapter for Contax G lenses

I think the kippon adaptor is fine--smooth enough.  You have to learn how to mount these contax g lenses and how to fiddle with it if you do it wrong.  It is lighter and smaller than the metabones.

But then i got the metabones adaptor and it has less resistance and the effort to focus is noticeably lighter all-around (perhaps attributable to the torque afforded by the larger focus ring diameter).  But it is heavier.  My fingers are long and the grip on the 5N remains comfortable with the adaptor on.  But it is also fiddly to mount in a different way from the kippon and I often have to do it 5 times to get it to work smoothly--if I do it the wrong way, which I can't really figure out, you can tell something is "off" as the resistance varies greatly from smooth to tough as you cycle the focus near to far.   And there is a "lock" toggle which doesn't inspire a lot of confidence--i'm careful to test whether the thing is securely locked on.

IMO metabones is better because once I get it on right it is just has a lighter action.

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