Why the x100s files are lacking

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Re: misconception

LaFonte wrote:

You just have to recreate the false sensitivity by gain which  for any purposes today is software driven - the chip has build in digital converters by  the chip maker and it is non divisible, you as a camera maker can touch data after the ad, not before. There is no iso 800 there is only a simulation of iso 800 And you work on digital data the chip gives you.

My understanding (not of this particular sensor though) is that a sensor can be set to deliver a certain amount of ISO sensitivity by adjusting the gain (like turning up the volume) of the chip. Once you get beyond what can come from the chip, then you have to monkey with its output after the fact.

Hence my brand C camera which can dial up to ISO6400 offers an 'ISO expansion' to 12800 that basically manipulates the output beyond what the sensor can provide. Up to ISO6400, the output comes from the chip alone. My older brand C camera was limited to ISO1600 and I could shoot at -2 EV, then post process to simulate ISO6400 but IQ was worse that way than what it would have been straight from the sensor at that ISO.

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