Reading resolution charts comparing MFT lenses to FX lenses

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Re: Reading resolution charts comparing MFT lenses to FX lenses

As I said previously:

(1) I think the Photozone results are comparable provided you want to compare the system performance and it includes a camera that is generally equivalent to the one he's testing with. My at-home results certainly agree with that. Note he does say more about it in his FAQ, which I guess I'm the only one that read?

(2) I don't think the Lens Rentals results are any use in this context as I believe they are usually just comparing the lenses and not the whole system (it would be silly otherwise, as everything on a D800 would be artifically inflated for non-D800 users). Exceptions are when he is doing a system comparison (e.g. the 24-70 lenses on D800 vs 5DmkIII).

I find my Canon lenses are better than my m43 ones for two reasons:

(i) The latest Canon 24-70 and 70-200 f2.8s (I only have the latter) are great wide-open. The Panasonic equivalents (err... let's not go anywhere near equivalence, note I have both) aren't great wide-open and f4 is a better bet (not that they're bad at f2.8, just down quite a bit). Note you pay a chunk more for the Canons. See Lenstip for Panny reviews which back me up here (f2.8 vs. f4 that is):

(ii) When I was testing my 40/2.8 Canon lens (the first one I got was scarily decentred) I'd just received my 12-35 and I shot that too and was so shocked by how much better the Canon sharpness was I went back to the shop and compared my 12-35 with another one to check it wasn't a dud (it behaved the same). I feel this supports my conclusion about the Lens Rentals results (as Anders pointed out to me at the time they have the 12-35 as sharper and trust me it really isn't).

But do note there is more to lenses than sharpness. The cheapo lenses from Canon and Nikon are quite sharp these days. But you want more from a lens. For example I really like the out-of-focus rendering of the 35-100 a lot (plus the weight... of course, my Canon is 1490g vs. 360g).


(Edit) P.S. these are opinions, with some facts to back them up. The shakiest bit is the Lens Rentals conclusions but I think I have enough circumstantial evidence to say it seems that way to me.

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