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Y Hafting
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Below is four samples of the difference between using DPP with or without Digital Lens Optimizer (DLO)

The DLO does make the images visibly sharper. However i am afraid this image is not a good benchmark for how good this tool may be. It is visible, but only a little, and it does lower the need for sharpening somewhat- the hard part is telling whether it really is better or more desirable than a sharpened-to-taste version without DLO.

DLO adds significant processing time when converting a batch of images. I also believe there are images that would make a greater difference than this moon which is reasonably centered.

This is one shot i had recently using liveview to capture the moon at 280mm (70-200 & 1.4). All images are 100% crops, saved at maximum jpeg setting, no NR, all same processing apart from DLO and sharpening.

DPP, non-sharpened, non-DLO:

DPP, sharpened (USM 2, fineness 0), non-DLO:

DPP, sharpened (USM 2, fineness 0), DLO:

If anyone would like to try other raw converters with this image, i have made the raw file available here:


Feel free to post comments.


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