"I Take My Camera Everywhere". Really?

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Re: "I Take My Camera Everywhere". Really?

Monicakm wrote:

So many say they take their camera everywhere...never without it.  I've wondered if all that traveling in a car jiggles parts lose or knocks things out of alignment over time.  So on a recent ordinary trip to town where I expected to have no photo ops, I took my camera along.  Wouldn't you know it.  Had to brake suddenly and my SX50 fell into the floorboard   Note to self...SX50 needs to "buckle up" or ride in the floor board (which I feel like there is more vibration).  Maybe I'm over thinking this.  Wouldn't be the first time if I am.  It's not like I ride around in a rough old junker, I have a very smooth riding car but...

I always have my cameras in their cases and on the floor for exactly the reason you stated.  It will happen.

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