Why the x100s files are lacking

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Re: Reverse argument

LaFonte wrote:

My main gripe with articles like this is that the writer firmly sets position that images are lacking and then goes around to explain why.  But this is nonsense. I can write article why the images are good and put the exact same reasoning  why and it would be equally valid. The images of Fuji are so good because they take it at lower iso and then use software to bring it up.

All this discussion is a nonsense if we start with assumption that x100s images are Lacking. Lacking what? The images are as good as any latest Fuji x, now suddenly the general consensus is that the x images are lacking? Till now they were great....

it is lacking the same elegant box that the X100 came with.

It was indeed a nice box.
Any day that you get to use the phrase "nice box"- that my friend, is a good day.

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