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Re: There's no "pretty wide" TS lens for µ4/3

Sergey Borachev wrote:

No, I did not read the details of your post.  Sorry, but the OP was saying there are no "pretty wide" TS lens.  Is any of the lenses you mentioned "pretty wide" when mounted with an adapter on a M43 camera, i.e. wider than what the Panasonic 7-14mm?  If not, there is no point.  And if there is something with an effective FOV wider than that, i.e. 6mm or less, is it providing good enough image quality at the shifted end of the picture for large enlargements?  If not, they are not really worth it, and are therefore toys.  That's what I meant by no TS lenses for M43 except toys.  For smaller prints, there is no need for TS lenses, just use the 7-14mm, and if necessary, use software correction.

For proper viewing, photos made with ultra wide and extreme wide lens need to be enlarged really big, to provide the proper original FOV feel. I don't think any  lens wider than 7mm, after shifting, can provide a decent quality image on M43 size sensors for very big enlargements to be of use in any serious application.

But the problem with the 7-14mm is that it has no persepctive control........unlesss you do it in software which has it's image quality issues.

I guess it depends what one is photographing and how. If one wants to stand close to buildings and take shots without the final image looking as though it is falling over, then a perspective control lens is required. If on the other hand the OP simply wants a wide field of view then the Panasonic 7-14mm lens should do just fine (most real estate agents I see asking for photographers to shoot interiors usually specify a 16mm lens equivalent field of view, so the Panny 7-14 lens should suffice for these types of application).

The links I posted has a wealth of information including dedicated mFT tilts shift adapters. I am sure if the OP can find a wide enough full frame lens, offering decent image charactersistics (there is often problems for example with old manual focus lenses wider than about 40mm) then there will be an adaptor that can be used to satisy the OP's needs. But like you say, if the OP is after something wider than 7-14mm then there is really no option but a dedicated digital lens and there aren't any around that I am aware of that will work with the mFT cams (but some of those links might have something, I am not sure because I simply provided the links I had saved over the years and didn't re-read them before posting).

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