Why the x100s files are lacking

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Re: Why the x100s files are lacking

A. You do realize those aren't my words, that I just shared a tidbit I thought was interesting?
B. I never said anything bad about the x100s. I could kill it with either camera, and will be buying the x100s. It's just an interesting post reguarding xtrans sensors. No need to get all butthurt. At all.
C. Steve Huff is completely irrelevant to the conversation. Reading comprehension- let it work for you.

This is a camera forum, a place for folks to nerd out and talk about cameras, compare cameras and chew the fat about meaningful( & not so meaningful) camera related info. If posts like mine bother you so, you should probably go over to the 'lets just talk about happy things and take photos' forum.

Sheesh, it's just a camera. All of the fuji's are awesome. No one said they weren't.

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