Photographers speak in tongues

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Re: Photographers speak in tongues

meland wrote:

Rapid evolution since the advent of digital has resulted in photographers that can no longer speak proper.

Words such as Panny, Siggy, Oly and Cannikon have sneaked (snuck?) into the vocabulary.  Strangely Sony does not seem to have been subjected to this treatment.  Perhaps the shortening to "Get a Son" doesn't really work.

That's because "Canikon" is a pejorative used by envious Sony owners that resent the only two successful DSLR camera makers in the world. I understand their envy,  resentment, and frustration better than most though,  because  I was once invested in Sony DSLRs  before I understood what it takes to make a good DSLR camera system.

Nauseating phrases like 'Nifty fifty' and 'Holy trinity' seem to have taken over otherwise normal people's brains.

I agree, these should go

'Lens' has become 'lense', or perhaps that's just from watching too much Miss Piggy. "Pretentious? Moi?"

Not sure, but I believe that is an alternative spelling in some countries anyway.

Cameras have become 'cams'.  Lenses - 'glass'.  And yes, yes I know that's what they're made of.  As do most people but they don't refer to sensors as 'silicon' do they?  But give them time they might.  And they might even change that to 'silly'.

I bought my first SLR over 40 years ago and the salesman that sold me that camera used the term "better glass" instead of a better lenses. So nothing new there. Actually better glass may be more accurate as there are many glass elements that make up a camera "lens".  

Please pass me the sick bucket.

And here are some other annoying terms and sayings to add fuel to the fire:

  • Pulled the trigger (gun nut referring to purchasing something, but probably not a gun)
  • Tack sharp, (which is painful!)
  • Pixel peeping, (only to be done in the privacy of ones own home of course!)
  • Fast glass, (instead of large aperture lens)
  • fanboy, (a pejorative for those who love their equipment!) 
  • Sub frame (for underwater use, evidently!) 
  • Blows away (whatever). Used by those that also "Pull the trigger"!
  • Destroys, (whatever). See above.
  • Miles, or streets ahead ( of whatever). Used by former runners.
  • Not even in the same class (of whatever). Used by snobs.
  • Great shots! (referring to very mediocre photos take with a $3000 camera)
  • Congrats, (on buying a new camera, lens, etc., which very few on the forums have actually done, apparently)
  • Noisy (as opposed to quiet images)
  • Clean (as opposed to dirty images)
  • OOF (out of focus, not a punch in the face!)
  • Equivalent focal length (as opposed to separate but equal focal lengths)
  • Pics (not nose type!)
  • (fill in the blank) 

"Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain! The Great Oz has spoken!"
- Jon

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