Future of Pentax?

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Re: Future of Pentax?

noel2 wrote:

Many years ago, having invested in a number of excellent A* Pentax lenses, I was waiting for Pentax to look foreward and enter the digital mode to do justice to the quality of its optics.

I then seriously considered getting rid of my Equipment and following the more progressive and "market oriented" , though more expensive and less "photographically" oriented competition.

I have nevertheless remained with Pentax up to now. I still use the A* lenses - which are among the best ever produced for photography - and use them with the available APS-C bodies that Pentax produces.

But, if Pentax does not follow the trend to use The FF sensors that are becoming available, and capitalize on its older experience, I am very pessimistic as to the future of the company to keep a good place in the current market.

I have been recently looking at a number of internet retailers for photographic Equipment, and Pentax has disappeared from from their offers (it was formerly in their catalogue). It is not a good sign for the future - and requires an answer.

The future is bright even without a FF.

If the K3 is what it is hyped to be (A high end APSC ala D300s/ 7D), the future is brighter. Just imagine your lenses used on a smallish pro grade APSC DSLR which seems like a good market right now.

Sony is taking a beating with Canikon in the FF department and IMHO its a huge risk for Pentax/Ricoh w/o a complete FF environment to compete with C&N.

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