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Tareq Abdulla wrote:

How can i know if my machine using SATA III or supporting SATA3 but not getting full access/speed of SATA3?

I said i did a clean install, i didn't install many software/programs yet, i also entered "msconfig" and i disabled many services or startup also disabled some performances and settings and did boot at minimal settings and nothing changed, so maybe my computer even it is i7 and saying it supports SATA3 but i am on SATA2 actually?

You could make a test by using e.g. CrystalDiskMark
Further on you could download the latest drivers for chipset etc. of your mobo.
Firmware update of the SSD (if there is one), plus toolbox for SSD to tweak some settings for best performance.

Speed can very for one SSD type or another, and more even when used two SSD's in RAID-0 setting connected to real SATA III ports.
See 1x SSD Intel 520 left --- vs ---- 2x SSD Samsung 840 Pro set as RAID-0 at SATA III ports (600 Mb/s)
(Asus Z77 mobo, Intel i7 3770K)

Still this is not the optimum result. By tweaking options and drivers I even got more high speed (read just above 1000 Mb/s, writing nearly 800 Mb/s for the Samsung RAID-0), but no screendump of that test.

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